The experts in perimeter protection



Design & Manufacture

Perimetrica is a vertically-integrated company that is in charge of all stages of product development, from initial concept through to final assembly and support.  This way, it can deliver products of top quality on a consistent basis.

  • R&D:  Perimetrica's products are born of own Research and Development in the company's laboratories and in the field.
  • Design:  Electronic and mechanical design are implemented to the highest standards by experienced in-house engineers using modern CAD/CAM software.
  • Assembly:  Assembly is performed in an ESD-safe environment by our highly-trained technicians and supervised by engineers.
  • Testing:  Every item that is manufactured is subject to extensive testing before it is approved and allowed to be packaged.

Strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control policies are implemented throughout
the manufacturing process.

Extensive stock of components and materials is kept in our warehouse to ensure future support on every product for its entire lifecycle.