The experts in perimeter protection


Perimeter alarms using optical fibre

Perimeter protection system that detects climbing or cutting of flexible fencing and delivers a high degree of protection and absolute zero false alarms

A hybrid of the tried and tested "taut-wire" technology and Perimetrica's fibre optic sensing technology – the epitome of top-level protection with zero false alarms

Buried fibre optic sensor for installation under lawn, soil or other type of soft ground that detects intruders and is characterised by zero false alarms

Antitheft / perimeter protection using optical fibre

Antitheft "security chain" for solar power plants and any other kind of equipment – also used as perimeter sensor against through-fence intrusion by vehicle

Perimeter intrusion detection using inertial sensors

Perimeter intrusion detection system that uses fence-mounted multidirectional inertial sensors for top grade protection of critical facilities

Perimeter intrusion detection system based on the technology of Defender for top-grade protection of critical facilities and infrastructures of smaller size

Central monitoring and control

Command & Control system for centralised monitoring of all security infrastructures – works with all Perimetrica systems and almost all third party products

Other specialised applications

Steel piping with built-in sensors for the protection of critical wirings against cutting, tapping and general tampering with

ANPR systems that satisfy a wide range of requirements from most basic to very advanced