The experts in perimeter protection

Main characteristics
  • Recognition of Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese and Korean number plates
  • Customer-specific, in-house developed systems of any size and complexity
  • Integration with new and existing infrastructures
  • Simultaneous recognition of several number plates in the field of view
  • Number plates captured at speeds up to 250 km/h
  • Successful recognition rate >95%
  • Special ANPR cameras for successful recognition under any environmental conditions
  • Fixed or mobile installation
  • Application software can be delivered in any language


Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Number plate recognition for any application

Perimetrica develops ANPR systems of any size and complexity. From a basic setup that logs vehicles passing through a gate to more complex solutions that simultaneously capture several fast-moving vehicles on highways, Perimetrica's solutions are engineered to deliver.

Ideal performance

The recognition engine is the set of software routines that detect, isolate and extract the number plate from the video image. Perimetrica's recognition engine recognises Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese and Korean number plates.  Its rate of successful recognition exceeds 95% and the average recognition time for a number plate is a few milliseconds.

The application software, in accordance with Perimetrica's standard philosophy, offers rich functionality and great easy to use. In case of special requirements, Perimetrica can modify the software package as neccessary.  Upon agreement, the user interface of the software can be delivered in any desired language.

The cameras that Perimetrica uses are specifically designed for ANPR and use special lenses, filters, image sensors and other techniques in order to deliver clear and useful images without being affected by sunlight, vehicle headlights and any accidental or purposeful reflections, day and night.


ANPR systems find countless applications throughout the world in improving safety, enforcing the law, increasing sales, boosting customer relations and generally offering great benefits of all sorts. Typical applications include:

  • Vehicle gates
    Logging of vehicle entry/exit, automatic bar lifting for preselected vehicles and notification of staff for others, automatic greeting for certain vehicles using electronic message displays and/or audible messages, calculation of parking fees, etc.
  • Law enforcement
    Speed limit violation, insurance/road tax check, traffic control in city centres or restricted areas, detection of stolen vehicles, criminals or black listed individuals, etc. For applications that require mobility, e.g. the Police, Perimetrica's systems can be installed on vehicles.
  • Theft prevention
    Tracking of vehicles that run off without paying at petrol stations, parking lots, drive-through stores, toll stations, etc.
  • Ειδικές εφαρμογές
    ANPR systems can be integrated with existing infrastructures and automate various tasks, thus greatly improving their validity and reliability – e.g. integration with weighbridges for cargo control, integration with fuel pumps for refuelling control, etc.