The experts in perimeter protection

Main characteristics
  • Installed on many types of fence and all types of walls
  • Extremely low False Alarm Rate
  • Dedicated weather station for weather compensation
  • Terrain following – no dead zones
  • Quick and unobtrusive installation
  • Complete management from the Control Centre – no need for field visits
  • Easy integration with new and existing systems
  • Strong visual deterrent
  • Zero maintenance
  • Suitable for critical facilities of any size


Perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS)


DEFENDER is a high-end perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) that uses fence-mounted inertial sensors. It is aimed at high-risk facilities and particularly facilities with manned local Control Centres.  The inertial sensor technology has been in use for decades in high-risk facilities worldwide and is ranked among the technologies with the highest efficiency/cost ratio.  This, in combination with Perimetrica's design and build quality, make it one of the best systems of its kind in the worldwide market.

DEFENDER is easily installed or retrofitted on any chain-link or welded-mesh fencing, barbed wire, razor wire or any other type of "flexible" fencing.  Attempts of climbing, cutting, lifting or disassembly of the fence fabric are immediately detected and generate an alarm to the operator, together with the alarming zone. 

DEFENDER can also be installed on walls of any type, such as concrete, brick, industrial metal panel type, drywall, etc., for reliable detection of through-wall penetration attempts.


The sensors are supplied pre-assembled at fixed intervals on a special cable that is suitable for direct outdoor installation.  This cable connects the sensors to one another and the entirety of them to the field processor units (FPU), in groups.  Because of this, cabling and infrastructure requirements are kept to a minimum, making the installation process quick and easy.  Any length of perimeter can be protected with a suitable number of sensors and field processors.

The field processors use adaptive signal processing to distinguish between human-induced actions and disturbances of no interest such as birds or small animals.   Furthermore, a local dedicated weather station gathers real-time information on the weather conditions and with the use of differential algorithms, the system manages to minimise false alarms to almost zero.

The field processors communicate with the PERIMETROS software, which offers centralised real-time monitoring of the complete security system, through a comprehensive and user-friendly graphical user interface.


DEFENDER is suitable for high risk applications such as protection of airports, military sites, national borders, ports, correctional facilities, industrial plants, power generation and distribution facilities, photovoltaic power generation plants (solar farms), etc.