The experts in perimeter protection

Main characteristics
  • Countless applications
  • Unprecedented reliability
  • Absolutely zero false alarms
  • Impossible to defeat or bypass
  • Special fitting instantly secures solar panels, without drilling of holes or other modifications
  • Installed on new or existing installations
  • No special tools or knowledge required for installation and repair
  • Uses visible light, which greatly helps installation and fault finding
  • Special kit for instant splicing of the optical fibre
  • Wide input voltage range and very low current for easy remote power feeding
  • Electronic multi-stage surge protection on power supply and each relay output
  • Bicolour LEDs shows status of each channel
  • Built-in diagnostics function
  • No maintenance
  • Cost-effective


Photovoltaic plant alarm – Antitheft alarm for mobile or fixed equipment


FIBRELOOP is a breakthrough security system that is used to protect solar power generation plants against theft, as well as any other item or piece of equipment.  Furthermore, it can be used as a perimeter protection system for the detection of through-fence penetration with the use of a vehicle (to demolish the fence).

FIBRELOOP uses an optical fibre to secure the items and belongs to a new generation of security systems with two very strong advantages over others:

  • 100% reliability in the detection of attempted theft
  • Absolutely zero false alarms

FIBRELOOP is an innovative, extremely reliable and cost-effective antitheft solution within the context of the worldwide market.


The optical fibre is run through an opening in each protected item, just like a security chain.  Once it has been run through any number of items, its two ends are inserted into a device, thus forming a closed loop.  This device sends an encoded optical signal in one end of the optical fibre and monitors it from the other.  If the optical fibre is cut or disconnected from the device, the optical signal is interrupted and thus an alarm generated immediately.

There is absolutely no way to bypass or defeat this configuration, which indisputably places the system at an advantageous position compared to any other antitheft protection method.


The heart of the system is the optical transceiver – an optoelectronic device that is available in single-channel or dual-channel configuration, for controlling one or two fibre optic loops, respectively.  Using one or more device, any layout can be created that will protect installations of any size and complexity.

The devices feature NO/NC (selectable) relay outputs, as well as bicolour LEDs that indicate channel status and the results of each device's built-in diagnostic tests.

Perimetrica's specially-made polymer optical fibre is characterised by great ease of use compared to the commonly used glass optical fibre (multi-mode or single-mode).  It has significantly higher mechanical strength and its installation and repair are a matter of seconds that can be carried out by any technician without special knowledge and expensive tools or instruments.  FIBRELOOP works with visible light, which aids installation and fault finding even further.

By means of a microswitch, certain devices can operate as "Repeaters".  This allows continuous loops of infinite length to be created (by daisy-chaining smaller segments) and the alarm signal to be picked up from the last device.


FIBRELOOP protects with unprecedented reliability...

    - Solar power plants

    - Cable reels, wire reels, pipes

    - Earth moving machines, construction machinery, scaffolding

    - Vehicles, motorcycles, boats

    - Sound and light reinforcement equipment, staging equipment

    - Supplies, parts, stored products

    - ...insert your own application here!