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Main characteristics
  • Protects telephone wires, data network cables, mains electricity wiring, etc.
  • Detects attempts of cutting, drilling, sawing, breaking or disassembly of the pipes
  • Recommended for free- or restricted-access areas
  • Acts as electromagnetic shielding (EMI/RFI), thus improving the quality of communication
  • Strong electromagnetic shielding prohibits tapping by weak signal pick-up
  • Offers physical protection from the environment thus improving cable life
  • Connects to any alarm panel or Control Centre or directly to notification devices
  • Zero maintenance


Electronic anti-tapping security pipe


MAXTUBE is a steel piping system with integrated sensors that protects critical cable from tapping, sabotage or any other form of tampering.  An attempt to disassemble, cut, drill or break the piping is immediately detected and initiates an alarm.

Telephone wires, data network cables, mains electricity wiring and other types of sensitive wiring can be present in any area such as underground parking areas, staircases, storage areas, boiler & HVAC rooms, exterior building walls, etc.  Often, these areas are secluded, allowing malicious individuals plenty of time to accomplish their mission.

MAXTUBE is the only way to ensure 100% that malicious acts like this shall not take place.


MAXTUBE can be embedded in many types of piping.  Every segment of the piping contains sensors and an electronic processing unit, which analyses the sensor signals and upon detection of malicious activity immediately triggers an alarm.

Perimetrica can supply the pipe segments with MAXTUBE pre-installed or embed the system in existing piping.  MAXTUBE requires no maintenance.

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