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Main characteristics
  • Solution that delivers results without false promises
  • Absolute zero false alarms
  • Can be installed on new and existing chain-link fences
  • High probability of detection
  • Terrain-following – eliminates occurrence of "blind spots"
  • Sensitivity adjustment of 10 levels
  • LED indications for Status and Error reporting
  • Effortless installation of the optical fibre – no connectors, procedures or special tools
  • Built-in optical power meter
  • Great flexibility on degree of protection and final cost
  • 5 year warranty


Perimeter fence protection using optical fibre


OPTIFENCE is a modern perimeter alarm system that offers early detection and is completely free of false alarms.  It can be installed on chain-link fencing and uses a special fibre optic cable as the sensing element.  Unlike glass optical fibre, which is used in telecommunications and some other perimeter intrusion detection systems, Perimetrica's optical fibre has very low cost, excellent mechanical strength and is extremely easy to use.  Its installation and repair are easily done by any technician without special knowledge and costly instruments or tools.


Zero false alarms

The operational principle of the OPU-1 optical processor (analyser) is the detection, with very high accuracy, of the physical deformation of the optical fibre that takes place during an intrusion attempt.  Its operation is NOT based on vibration detection, which renders the system absolutely free from false alarms (e.g. by strong winds, rain, hail, small animals or birds, nearby traffic of heavy vehicles, etc.)



One more significant advantage of OPTIFENCE is its ability to be deployed in many different configurations and satisfy the most basic through to the most demanding requirements.  The degree of protection is proportional to the number of parallel lines of optical fibre installed along the fence (at different heights).

A single pass of fibre optic sensing cable protects reliably against climbing of the fence or destructive intrusion by vehicle (fence demolition) – two passes add some protection against cutting or disassembly of the fence fabric – three, four or even more passes, depending on fence height, significantly shift the level of difficulty and make intrusion practically impossible.  The system is structured in such a way that the final cost is linearly proportional to the chosen layout.

OPTIFENCE, just like Perimetrica's entire OPTI family, is technologically, functionally and qualitatively superior to any other technology for perimeter protection.