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Main characteristics
  • Reliable covert protection for villas, embassies, forecourts, residential compounds, etc.
  • Can be installed under lawn, soil and other types of soft ground, mats and other ground covering surfaces
  • Zero false alarms
  • High probability of detection
  • Non detectable by any kind of detectors
  • Shape and dimensions of each zone or detection spot are adjusted as necessary
  • Sensitivity adjustment of 10 levels
  • LED indications for Status and Error reporting
  • 5 year warranty


Subterranean intrusion detection system using optical fibre


OPTISUB is a perimeter intrusion detection system that uses an optical fibre as the sensing element, installed under the surface of the ground.  When an intruder passes through the protected area, the system detects their body weight and immediately triggers an alarm.

OPTISUB delivers a very high degree of protection and can be installed along the perimeter or at particular spots, e.g. outside doors and windows, under mats or other areas of access.

The optical fibre is installed a few centimetres below the surface of the ground, in between two special protective sheets.  The length, width and shape of each detection zone can be adjusted as necessary.



OPTISUB has very high Probability of detection and is characterised by zero false alarms, regardless of the state of the ground and environmental conditions.  Small animals such as cats or dogs do not trigger an alarm due to their smaller weight. 
The sensitivity is adjustable over 10 levels

OPTISUB does not require active electrical or electronic components to be installed in the ground, but only the passive optical fibre.  As a result, the system has long-term reliability with no need for maintenance.  Furthermore, because there is no electricity or radio frequencies along the sensing element, it is impossible to detect the system using any type of detector.