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Main characteristics
  • Reliable solution that delivers results – no false promises
  • Can be installed on wall or mesh fences, rails, roofs and any other type of fence or access area
  • Based on the principles of the tried and tested taut-wire technology
  • Absolute zero false alarms
  • High Probability of detection
  • Terrain following – does not allow for "blind spots"
  • Sensitivity adjustment of 10 levels
  • LED indications for Status and Error reporting
  • Effortless installation – no optical connectors, special tools or complex procedures
  • Built-in optical power meter
  • Great flexibility on physical layout and final cost
  • 5 year warranty


Taut-wire perimeter intrusion sensor using optical fibre


OPTIWIRE is a revolutionary perimeter security system.  It has been designed on the basis of traditional taut-wire systems, which comprise a reference standard in high-risk areas worldwide, such as correctional and military facilities.  However, Perimetrica's system combines the strong points of this technology with Perimetrica's fibre optic technology, yielding a system with even better performance, pleasant aesthetics, no need for scheduled maintenance and at a much lower cost.

Using suitable brackets, the appropriate number of taut wires is installed on any type of fencing such as wall, chain-link or welded mesh, railing, as well as any other access spot or even areas without an existing fence structure.  Following this, the fibre optic sensor cable is attached to the wires and connected to the OPU-1 optical signal processor (analyser).  Any attempt to open, cut, disassemble or otherwise distract the taut wires or the optical fibre is immediately detected and generates an alarm.  The number of taut wires is selectable and can extend to any desirable height, according to requirements.


OPTIWIRE is characterised by absolutely zero false alarms.

Operation of the system is NOT based on vibration sensing, the breaking of an optical beam or the disturbance of an electromagnetic field.  The OPU-1 processor detects, with high accuracy, the physical deformation of the taut wires or the optical fibre that takes place during an intrusion attempt and is not affected by any other quality or change in the surroundings.

Multiple protection

OPTIWIRE actively safeguards the protected area 24 hours, 365 days a year and is impossible to defeat.  At the same time, the sensing arrangement formed by the taut wires and the optical fibre forms a physical barrier, as well as a strong means of deterrence.  Each of these factors strengthens the potential integrity of the protected area, maintaining the overall security level at its maximum.


Although any kind of wires can be used with OPTIWIRE, the wires that Perimetrica supplies and recommends are special wire ropes of very small diameter (1 mm) and very high quality galvanisation.  They help make the sensing arrangement subtle to the eye, allowing it to be combined with the surrounding architecture.  This is often desired, especially in cases where the system is used in villas, embassies and other urban buildings.



OPTIWIRE takes advantage of the tried and tested "taut-wire" technology for the protection of high risk facilities and outmatches other perimeter protection systems with respect to technology as well as reliability.  This, combined with Perimetrica's outstanding build quality, make the system the first choice for every project where highly reliable protection without surprises is required.