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Main characteristics
  • Very low False Alarm Rate
  • Can be installed on many fence types and all types of walls
  • Adaptive algorithms can distinguish between human and small animal activity
  • Terrain-following with no dead zones
  • Strong deterrent
  • Connects to any alarm panel
  • Easy configuration with a laptop
  • Easy installation
  • Zero maintenance
  • Suitable for critical facilities of small and medium size


Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)


PANTHER is a compact version of Perimetrica's DEFENDER, which operates autonomously, without need for the PERIMETROS centralised monitoring software, and signals the status of the detection zones via a series of output relays.  It uses the same fence-mounted inertial sensors as Defender, which is one of the most tried and tested technologies for facilities of medium and high risk.  PANTHER is a system with modern design and ranks among the best perimeter security solutions available, with regard to its performance as well as its cost.

PANTHER is easily installed on many types of fence such as chain-link fence, welded-mesh fence, barbed wire, razor wire, concertina wire and other types of flexible fencing.  Any attempt of climbing, cutting, lifting or disassembly of the fence fabric is immediately detected and an alarm initiated on the corresponding perimeter zone.

PANTHER can also be installed on walls made of any material, such as concrete, brick, industrial metal panels, etc., for the detection of destructive through-wall penetration attempts.


The sensors are supplied pre-assembled on a special cable that is suitable for direct outdoor installation.  This cable interconnects all sensors and also connects them altogether to the Central Processing Unit (CPU).  This way, cabling and infrasturcture requirements are kept to an absolute minimum.

The CPU uses adaptive signal processing that distinguishes between human-induced actions and disturbances of no interest such as birds or small animals.  Furthermore, it uses differential algorithms to establish the status of the current weather conditions thus minimising weather-induced false alarms.


The PANTHER processing unit can monitor up to 8 sensor zones, each of them having a nominal length of up to 100m (in practice, a zone's length depends on the density of the vertical supports of the fence, the presence of gates and other physical factors).  However, more processing units can be used, independently from one another, thus allowing the safeguarding of larger perimeters.

Any inputs of the processing unit can also accept third-party sensors such as IR beam sensors, microwave sensors, magnetic door switches, etc.

The signal processor provides 1 general alarm output, 1 general prealarm output and 1 tamper output.  With the addition of optional expansion modules, it can also provide 8 zone alarm outputs (one for each zone) and/or 8 prealarm zone outputs (one for each zone).  All outputs are dry contacts (NO/NC relays).