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Main characteristics
  • Centralised monitoring of all security infrastructures
  • Graphical representation of the status of all zones on digital map
  • Visual notification and audible/voice annunciation
  • Very easy to use by individuals with little or no computer experience
  • Detailed history log with many search capabilities
  • Each event is associated with the operator on shift
  • Automated report printing at the touch of a button
  • Optional input/output modules allow easy integration with third party sensors and systems
  • Remote notification via private pager network, SMS to mobile phones and client software for remote PCs


Centralised monitoring system for Control Centres


PERIMETROS is a system for centralised monitoring and management of all security infrastructures.  Its core component is a feature-rich software package, designed particularly for local manned Control Centres.

PERIMETROS uses digital maps that show the entire facility on a central computer display.  The status of each zone is shown graphically on the maps in real time.  In the event of an alarm, the corresponding zone changes colour and details related to the alarm pop up, while the user is also notified by automated voice annunciation.

The graphical user interface (GUI) is user-friendly and has been designed for ease of use by individuals with little or no experience in computers.  Currently, the software environment is available in English and Greek but it can be delivered in any other language upon prior agreement.

PERIMETROS works with all Perimetrica systems, as well as third-party sensors such as microwave barriers, infrared beam barriers, passive infrared (PIR) sensors, magnetic switches, and any other sensor regardless of make and model.  Furthermore, it can integrate with CCTV systems and other infrastructures in order to automate various procedures, e.g. in the event of an alarm it can trigger the CCTV system to position a camera or start recording, lift or close automatic bars, turn on flood lights, etc.

Remote notification

Additional individuals, located on or off the premises, can be automatically notified of alarm signals, change of guard shifts, configuration changes (e.g. sensitivity of a zone) and other events, in various ways:

Local pager network:  A local private network of pocket pagers, which automatically receive text messages from the Control Centre.  The pagers notify their owners through a beeping tone as well as vibration and they feature an LCD display that shows details on each forwarded event.  They offer maximum reliability and guaranteed immediate message reception as they do not rely on a cellular telephony network or other public infrastructures.  Their use is ideal for patrol guards and other authorised individuals within the premises.

Cellular telephony network (3G-GSM):  Preselected mobile phones, anywhere in the world, can automatically receive a text message with details of each event, as soon as the event happens.

PERIMETROS Client:  The client version of PERIMETROS can be installed on any PC anywhere in the world.  It connects to the facility's local Control Centre through the Internet and offers a live copy of the computer screen, including all visual and audible notifications.


Users identify themselves to the system by entering a personal code at the start of their shift.  The software maintains a history log of shift changes and all other events such as alarm signals, prealarm signals, configuration changes, system restarts, etc.

The Administrator of the system sets access rights for all users.  Every function, other than general status monitoring, requires special access rights and is not available to every user.  Such functions are arming/disarming or sensitivity change of a zone, viewing and searching of the history log, automated report printing, addition or modification of users, etc.